Monae Miller Founder of Virgin Roots
Virgin Roots

Pure and acceptable unto HIM
Untouched and unsullied by the idea of worldly beauty
Alter your ego trip with the renewing of your mind
Do you think the good Lord got it wrong when he made you?
Formed in the image of perfection
Stop conforming and start performing
Stop preventing and start believing
Embrace your Virgin Roots

The concept of Virgin Roots originated from the unprocessed hair commonly referred to as "new growth". Hair that has never been chemically processed is called virgin hair. When the natural chemistry of hair follicles are changed, it can lead to severe hair damage. Virgin Roots Braids advocates natural hair care with protective styles during transition periods and unique, low-maintenance styles for the more seasoned.

Virgin Roots Braids specializes in providing images, descriptions, and maintenance tips for micro braids, kinky twists, cornrows, two-strand twists , comb twists, and other natural hairstyles. We encourage you to seek an experienced and professional braider.

Monae, owner